I had the extreme pleasure to watch my vision unfold before my eyes. With some amazing female entrepreneurs by my side, we collaborated and all our ideas became one.  Every detail in the beautiful bouquet was made by Alisha Lilley of Lilley Custom Florals to the teepee and archway supplied by Danielle and Nikki of Ruffles N Roses. Months of coordinating, attention to detail, and creative day dreaming helped this little idea boom into a breathtaking day. Our models, best friends in real life, really showcased a day of romance and passion. Who knows, maybe if I’m lucky enough, he could be my future brother-in-law. Wink.


Our morning started on Mother’s Day at Purnama Style Lounge in Kelowna, on the corner of Pandosy and Sutherland. All I can say about this salon is “Wow!” It is such an individual salon, and there’s nothing like it! Totally decked out in original décor from Asia, it was the perfect start to our bohemian day! A few hours of laughing and bonding with my old friend Ashley Sanderson, (who just started at Purnama) and spiking the coffee with Blarneys. Yes, I said Blarneys, that’s an affordable adaptation of Baileys, but cheaper, so you can buy more. After a few spiked drinks we proceeded to take photos surrounding the beautiful décor. Kelsey was breathtaking; her hair was so unique and kissed with glitter.


Following our unbelievable morning at Purnama, our venture took us to Gyorfi Orchards in Lake Country; a beautiful orchard and a privately secured venue through Ruffles N Roses. Cherry blossoms are usually earlier in May, but over the Mother’s Day weekend blossoms were in full swing! Thank goodness for the delayed start to spring. Talk about lucky!

Florals… I could go on and on about florals! These are always one of my favourite additions to weddings. I always get so thrilled when I arrive at a wedding with flowers galore, which is why I was so excited to be collaborating with Alisha. She is one of the most creative people I have had the opportunity to meet. I was first graced with her work at a wedding I photographed last fall. From the groomsmen’s boutonnieres to the stunning bridal bouquets, everything was picture perfect, which sometimes, that’s hard to do! I will continually recommend her to my future brides needing floral arrangements. She is absolutely amazing at her job and really brings an idea to life. Without her contribution in this bohemian themed stylized wedding, it would have fallen short.


 I want to give a huge shout out to Danielle and Nikki of Ruffles N Roses, grateful doesn’t even cover it! These ladies are so incredibly talented and are booking weddings into next year already! They made this session run so smoothly; we really couldn’t have done it without them! If you are looking for an all included package; venue, décor & organization, these are your girls! The orchard opens up to many possibilities including a fire pit to nicely cap off your wedding, s’mores anyone?!


This Stylized Session was about bringing local boss babes together for a fun adventure! It was defiantly that! Collectively we are all entrepreneurs and all women so of course great things came from that! It was so special to share a vision and watch it come to life. I have never been a part of something so fun and so seamless. Everyone truly brought their A game to this session, go big or go home right?! Although none of us were quite ready to turn in! After all you can’t beat a beautiful afternoon with an endless supply of Timbits!

I cannot wait to do something like this again in the future, perhaps with more vendors? So if this blog post struck interest with you and you’ve read it this far, first off “hello”!  Secondly and most importantly, if you want to collaborate on a project, don’t hesitate to message me. Projects like this bring us together, make our industry stronger and let us shine! Creativity gives us life!

Thank you so much for having the patience to read my first blog entry thus far. It probably wasn’t easy, but my goal is to share more! So let’s give it a whirl!

I go to Europe in June to photograph a very special Anniversary, so stay tuned for stories and adventures from abroad.

Take care of yourself,

Stay true to yourself


See you next time.